FACE contributes to preparing a sustainable future for the promoters working in contemporary artistic trends, by building bridges between its members, experimenting new ideas and models, and encouraging the making and the access to hybrid arts forms, created indoor and outdoor. Its ambition is to bring fresh ideas and perspectives!

Professional Meetings

Annual General Meetings: AGM takes place once a year and gather all members in the context of a festival or an artistic event to decide upon FACE’s orientations and activities – it is also a great opportunity to exchange professional information and experience, to discuss current or future collaborations and learn about the local artistic context of the host region. 

Regional Meetings: Regional Meetings gather all the members from a same geographical area in order for them to strengthen local dialogue, formal and informal cooperation, and solidarity. Regional meetings are open to non-member organisations and explore transversal themes, by inviting key experts from colleague international networks or from other economic & social sectors. Participants also exchange information about artistic performances, works-in progress and future projects. They reflect on new trends, consolidate touring projects for European and non-European artistic companies, compare and contrast each one’s own working methods with those of colleagues.

Seminars & Workshops

Fresh Ideas on Audiences: FACE seeks to reinforce our knowledge of European audiences and their involvement in cultural expressions. The relationship with audiences and citizens is a key area of interest and socially engaged art forms have many impacts (social cohesion, regeneration of neighbourhoods and city planning, reaching out to new audience members, renewing the role of arts in daily life).

Fresh Ideas on Working Together: Gathering different target groups from the Culture field (European cultural network secretary-generals, presenters, tour bookers, communication & marketing managers, etc.), FACE proposes tailor-made discussions to share work methods and tools, exchange on the implementation of their work programmes and build partnerships. In particular, the purposes are to deepen our mutual understanding of our work, in order to compare the dynamics of networks, responsibility and decision-making processes.

Fresh Ideas on Arts Education: all creators need to develop their creativity, seek for inspiration, renew their artistic forms of expression and (re)think their relationship with audiences. In order to work, grow, experiment new ideas and strengthen their professional pathways, FACE members actively support both young and experienced artists and cultural workers, joint training & learning opportunities.

Fresh Connections Worldwide

This mobility programme supports the cultural exchanges and the birth of cooperation projects between Europe and other continents. Trips are organised to explore different regions of the world in order to visit artistic events & fairs, rehearsal spaces and venues but also to meet with local artists and presenters, with local and national institutions, with arts schools and training programmes. This activity provides to FACE’s members a deep and concrete international experience as well as solid information on each region’s context, and it gives insights in the barriers for international cooperation projects and develop tools to diminish them.


If you want to know more about the organisation itself, a translation into English of its statutes is available here.

Legal seat: Onda – 13 bis, rue Henry Monnier – 75009 Paris – France