Regional Approach

FACE co-organises gatherings of Culture professionals, open to non-member organisations, from a same geographical area (Rep. of Ireland & UK, Belgium and the Netherlands, Nordic & Baltic Countries, Northern America, Eastern Europe, etc.) in order for them to strengthen local dialogue, formal and informal cooperation, and solidarity.

International Approach

FACE supports international cultural exchanges and the birth of cooperation projects between Europe and other continents. Exploratory trips and seminars are organised to partnership with players from other regions of the world in order, to visit artistic events & fairs, creation spaces and venues but also to meet with creative organisations, local and national institutions, arts schools and training programmes. This approach provides to FACE’s members a deep and concrete international experience as well as solid information on each region’s context, and it gives insights in the barriers for international cooperation projects and develop tools to diminish them.

Cross-sectorial Approach

FACE works together with colleague European networks to structure the culture field and have systemic impacts, consistency in our respective planning, action and communication, in particular joining our efforts to investigate common areas of interest and deliver activities. Along with 9 other European cultural networks, FACE is part of the High-Level Coordination Group (HLCG).
FACE is member of On the Move (OTM), a European cultural network aiming to encourage and facilitate cross-border mobility and cooperation for professionals of the artistic and cultural sector.


FACE generates new partnerships facilitating its members to start transnational / transcontinental cooperation projects: it accelerates international projects by facilitating early discussions, helping fruitful interaction with different types of organisations (such as colleague cultural networks, funders at local, regional, national and international levels as well as export bodies, Foundations or Creative Europe Desks...). FACE may also act as an incubator to pilot projects and support the experimentation and implementation of members' initiatives, thus enabling its members to cooperate internationally and stimulating the quality of partnerships and funding strategies.

Legal seat: Onda – 13 bis, rue Henry Monnier – 75009 Paris – France