Annual Retreat

12/02/2020 - 14/02/2020
Valletta (Malta)

The Malta Group comprises European cultural network leaders who are invited to meet in-person in Malta once a year through the generous support of the Arts Council Malta.

This annual retreat provides a closed platform for the discussion of key challenges and opportunities relating to organizational structures and networks in the context of working in Europe. Participants share skills, contacts and informal advice to support each other in what can be a challenging environment. Outcomes of the retreat are continued by way of email and informal meetings throughout the year.

Participants of the Malta Group have been invited on the basis of being like-minded individual cultural leaders, rather than representatives of the organizations they work for. The group is entirely premised on concepts of mutual trust, respect and confidentiality.

Without wanting to be ‘exclusive’, the very nature of the Malta Group dictates a small number of participants to ensure meaningful exchanges and in-depth discussion. Leaders of European cultural networks are welcome to contact the Malta Group if they are interested in joining, however please understand that due to the very nature of the group we may not be able to accept your expression of interest.

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