European Seminar PUBLIC #2

@ International Street Theatre Festival, Halmstad (Sweden)

After the success of the first edition of the European seminar PUBLIC that took place on 6 & 7 October 2014, the International Street Theatre Festival of Halmstad and FACE proposed a second edition in Halmstad (Sweden). You can download the participant list.

PUBLIC #2 discussed further the social impacts of arts in public space, highlighting different examples of outdoor creation/site-specific projects and the value(s) they bring or generate at local level. PUBLIC consisted of conversations and presentations from international experts as well as national/regional stakeholders in order to better understand how cultural policy could better take into account these specific arts projects and build on their results.

The seminar consisted of case-studies, topical conversations and presentations of successful methodologies to support outdoor creation/site-specific arts and develop long-lasting benefits to citizens: guest speakers were Pascal Gielen (University of Groningen), Stuba Nikula (City of Helsinki), Birgitta Persson (Trans Europe Halles) and Yohann Floch (FACE). Discussions were moderated by Ludvig Duregård and presentations and pictures are available on the event dedicated website. Several cases were presented:

  • Zipper Park by Robert Hais
  • ARNA - Art and Nature by Kerstin Jakobsson
  • Stockholm Street Festival by Thorsten Andreassen and Halmstad International Street Theatre Festival by Ulf Andersson


A third seminar, to be held in October 2015, will then focus on the making and the access of public art, and how the international collaboration may support local players' work.