Fresh Connections Brazil

12/05/2014 - 16/05/2014
@ Festival Internacional de Circo do Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

FACE organised a visit in Rio do Janeiro (Brazil) on the occasion of the second edition of the Festival Internacional de Circo do Rio de Janeiro, which brought more than 30 international artistic companies to Rio's favelas. During an intense week, a delegation of professionals discovered:

  • Emerging and experienced artists – As Marias da Graça, Cia Base, Coletivo Bravos, Cia Sôilta, Graeae Theatre Company, Organización Efímera
  • Residency spaces and presenters – Crescer e Viver
  • Schools and cultural players – FIC, Federación Iberoamericano de Circo


  • Build long-term relationship between Brazil and international cultural players
  • Level trans-continental inequalities and increase operators’ capacity to engage in international partnerships, being able to work together towards the same objectives, with spirit of solidarity and shared ethics
  • Create a strong community of peers sharing knowledge, experience, contacts and ideas, increasing their competences and capacities to work trans-continentally
  • Bridging regional realities with the ones of the professionals, nurturing relationships, and facilitating the enter this field and access point for non-European promoters
  • Circulation of information on projects and opportunities to position players in a globalized environment 

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