@ Subtopia, Stockholm (Sweden)

Presentation of FACE at Subcase 2014, Subtopia Circus Fair as part of the seminar for presenters "International cooperation: Why and how? What are the benefits and how to meet the challenges?"

Around Europe there is a number of international cooperation projects in the circus field: artistic projects, sector developing, capacity building, experience sharing, network building, aso. These projects function in different ways, out from different perspectives and needs, in different contexts and with different results. This seminar aims to shed light on some existing international cooperative forms, to inspire, and to reflect on benefits and challenges.

Chrissie Faniadis is an expert on European cooperation and funding. She will introduce the seminar with a reflection, sharing her views and learnings: Why should we cooperate internationally? How can we do it? Then we follow by inviting representatives of four international cooperation projects that receive or aim to apply international funding (EU, Creative Europe, Nordic Council), exemplifying different ways of doing it, to share their ideas, experiences and questions.

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