@ University of Buffalo (NY, USA)

Yohann Floch led a public discussion dedicated to "The value(s) of cultural networks" organized by the University of Buffalo at the Anderson gallery.

Cultural networks have many roles and impacts. They support and facilitate the circulation of artists as well as works of art (be they past, present or future) bringing them into contact with the broadest audiences possible. Their ‘raison d’être’ is to inspire, to be inclusive, to test new ideas, to pilot new projects and to help the culture sector take risks and to meet new challenges.

The role of networks is to connect hundreds of thousands of artists and cultural operators to help them bridge their realities, coordinate their joint efforts and propose formats that allow for experimentation and emergence of new ideas as well as to act collectively each time it is needed; networks advice, host and mediate, inside their respective field as well as far beyond – proactively engaging stakeholders from other sectors, decision makers at all levels or players from other continents.

During the session, Yohann Floch presented Fresh Arts Coalition Europe, and analyze motivations, benefits, results, commitments and services linked to the participation in professional networks, from the point of view of an individual professional as well as  from the point of view of an arts organization.