FACE-to-face, a co-spectatorship programme

In January 2015, FACE proposed all its members presenting artistic works, wether in the framework of a season or a festival, to experiment with their audiences a “co-spectatorship programme”: for each performance, the organiser will invite an artist and an audience member to go and attend a performance together and then exchange their views on the work seen.

Several processes would be experimented: open calls for participation, or targeted audience members (teachers from schools and universities, journalists, politicians, representatives of civil society, children, etc.). Each venue and festival will make sure the experience is understood by both participants, that they have enough time to meet before and after the performance, that they access a quiet space for their discussion and that they feedback on the experience.

The conversation won’t be recorded or open to the public as the purpose is to bring together strangers for a shared experience of contemporary performing arts and to spark fresh debate about cross-disciplinary works. The feedback could use different tools (online questionnaire, videos, interview over the phone, etc.) and be shared with colleagues from other venues and festivals. An interim evaluation of the pilot project would be delivered in October 2015 and a final evaluation at the FACE general meeting in Stockholm in March 2016.