Steamed-Out is an innovative initiative to establish artistic collaboration between Europe and Australia, through exchange of practices in regards to contemporary creation processes (research, dramaturgies, training, directing, rehearsals, etc.). The two context have in common that emerging performing artists don't easily access Research & Development programmes. The purpose of the project is then to provide networking and mobility opportunities, and propose artists and creative workers to access laboratories and residencies in both continents. Each group of mixed participants would be encouraged to meet with colleagues from other countries (and sometimes art forms) to investigate concepts and experiment cross-pollination of arts practices.

A first successful kick-off forum for artists was proposed in October 2014 in Melbourne, co-organised by FACE member ACAPTA (Australian Circus And Physical Theatre Association) to gather suggestions and interest from practioners. Discussions were animated by Gail Kelly (ACAPTA, Australia), Kiki Muukkonen (Subtopia, Sweden), Ivan Kralj (Mala performerska scena, Croatia), Yohann Floch (FACE, Sweden), and took place at Circus Oz creation space. More information on the event is available in the Past activities section of the website.

FACE will propose its members to organise a first series of residencies in November 2015 in Europe.