On the Move (OTM)

Since April 2014, FACE has been a member of On the Move, a European cultural network aiming to encourage and facilitate cross-border mobility and cooperation for professionals in the arts and culture sector. Born as a website, it has evolved into a dynamic network which now includes 50+ member organisations and individuals in Europe and internationally. Discover OTM's activities by visiting the website (and registering for the monthly multilingual newsletter!) or by watching this short video.

Alliance for Culture and the Arts

The aim of the Alliance is to put culture and the arts at the forefront of European policymaking and the strategic priorities of the Commission. Gathering 37 members, the Alliance strongly believes that the narrative of Europe is based on culture. Therefore culture and the arts – vital for our societies – have to be recognised and taken into account in the overall future strategies of the Union, including in the follow-up to the Europe 2020 Strategy. More information is available on the dedicated website.

The Malta Group

The Malta Group comprises a select group of European cultural network leaders who, thanks to generous support from Arts Council Malta, are invited to meet in-person in Malta once a year. Since 2011, this annual retreat has provided a closed platform for the discussion of key challenges and opportunities relating to organisational structures and networks in the context of working in Europe.

Participants share skills, contacts and informal advice to support each other in what can be a challenging environment. Outcomes of the retreat are continued by way of email and informal meetings throughout the year. Participants of the Malta Group have been invited on the basis of being like-minded, individual cultural leaders, rather than representatives of the organisations they work for. The group is founded on concepts of mutual trust, respect and confidentiality.

Without wanting to be ‘exclusive’, the very nature of the Malta Group dictates the need for a small number of participants to ensure meaningful exchanges and in-depth discussion. Leaders of European cultural networks are welcome to contact the Malta Group if they are interested in joining. However, please understand that due to the very nature of the group we may not be able to accept your expression of interest.

Working group on internationalisation programmes

FACE and On the Move have formed a working group of French and Belgium colleagues that are very active in internationalisation programmes – schemes that support visual/performing artists and producers to grow and work internationally.

The objectives are to:

  • Encourage the creation of a peer learning group: a community of resources, warmth and mutual support.
  • Share concrete experiences through the analysis of support practices.
  • Mobilise a community of peers around challenges/limits or tensions (better defining a problem, identifying solutions, shifting one's perspective, regaining confidence, identifying resources to be mobilised or skills to be acquired) with a view to further developing our mentoring practices.
  • Discuss the diverse types of support for internationalisation (exporting and dissemination but also collaboration, cooperation, residencies, exchange, skills development, networking, etc.) – also questioning their potential and their respective limits in the context of international support.
  • Initiate cooperation and networking between trainers / mentors / facilitators / support structures.

The group meets regularly both online and in person, and gathers representatives from Spectacle Vivant en Bretagne, Flanders Arts Institute, Mains d'Oeuvres, M Topia, IN SITU network, Art Moves Africa, etc.

Legal seat: Onda – 13 bis, rue Henry Monnier – 75009 Paris – France