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Ludvig DUREGÅRD – Communication Strategist

Ludvig Duregård is a communication professional who've been working in the culture and arts sector the last few years. He is currently working with frame working and content producing organisations spanning small theatre companies in the rural south of Sweden to European networks. He provides strategic support and organizes events for, among others, Subtopia (Stockholm, Sweden), Halmstad International Street Theatre Festival (Halmstad, Sweden) and Trans Europe Halles (European). Prior to that he worked as a project manager in communication at Swedish contemporary circus company Cirkus Cirkör and spent three years as communication director at Subtopia.

Chrissie FANIADIS – Board Member

Chrissie Faniadis is a consultant, lecturer and project manager, currently in charge of communications strategy at Culture Bridge, a new funding body under the Swedish Ministry of Culture. She previously worked at Intercult in Sweden, in charge of the European Resource Centre and Europe Direct Intercult.
A political scientist with special focus on European affairs, Chrissie studied in London, France and Belgium before taking up employment in Brussels. After retraining as a producer she worked in the creative industries in the UK before moving back to her hometown of Stockholm to work in the international arts and culture sector.
Since 2008 Chrissie combines her production skills with her EU expertise, actively consulting and assisting artists and organisations that wish to work internationally as well as producing large-scale events. She is a dedicated defender of cultural policy and its contribution to society and is a member of several European networks.
Chrissie is an avid public speaker and moderator, and has extensive lecturing experience, most recently at the Universities of Lund and Stockholm.
She is also an adviser for the European Cultural Foundation in Amsterdam.

Cristina FARINHA – Board Member

Cristina Farinha studied sociology and specialised in arts, culture, communication and employment law. She has been working in Portugal, as well as on the European stage, to improve the role of culture in governance and development, and to empower the social and employment status of those working in the cultural sector. Currently she works to promote capacity building, interaction and internationalisation among the different agents of the creative environment, acting as Executive Director of ADDICT – Agency for Development of Creative Industries in Portugal. She also freelances as an expert on mobility and cultural cooperation issues, and is an associated fellow at the Institute of Sociology University of Porto.

Yohann FLOCH – President

Yohann Floch is a freelance Artistic Advisor for festivals and venues, also taking part in the activities of several projects such as Autopistes: Circus Dissemination (a collaboration between Europe, the US and Canada that aims to strengthen the touring networks for circus works), CASA (a mobility programme to help professionals to work and cooperate transnationally) and Unpack the Arts (European residency programme for cultural journalists, critics, chief editors taking place in major festivals). Yohann regularly leads workshops and seminars on cultural policy: working internationally, he delivers lectures in universities or talks in professional meetings.
Finally, he is also an Expert at the Fondation de France for the programme Déclics Jeunes providing individual grants to support young entrepreneurs realising a personal project, as a first step to enter a professional career. He is Board Member of On the Move, network providing information on cultural mobility. He is Committee Member of CCCE, Croatian Circus Creation Export programme thats supports the international touring of circus works. Yohann is also a member of the Circus and Its Others research group, a core component of the Transnational, Transdisciplinary Circus Research Network.

Milica ILIC – Board Member

Milica Ilic is international adviser at ONDA - office national de diffusion artistique in Paris, France. She is specialised in international cooperation in contemporary performing arts, with particular interest in networking, strategic project management and policy. Speaking frequently in support of transnational cooperation in international conferences and other fora, Milica is author and co-author of several publications and research studies on contemporary arts and culture, in particular in South East Europe. She is a member of the Board of Balkan Express, a platform for collaboration in the field of contemporary art and other socially engaged practices with and within the Balkans.
Milica has been Head of Communications and Administration of IETM - international network for contemporary performing arts, Administrator of IETM, Administrator of On The Move, cultural mobility information network. Her professional experience includes also work at the Centre for professional development of the University of Arts in Belgrade, the Belgrade House of Youth and several festivals and theatre projects in the city.
Milica holds an MA degree in Cultural development and project management, University of Lyon, France, and BA in Theatre Production, University of Arts, Belgrade, Serbia.

Marie LE SOURD – Board Member

Before joining On the Move in January 2012, Marie Le Sourd was in charge of the cultural programmes at the Asia-Europe Foundation in Singapore (1999-2006) and directed the French cultural institute in Yogyakarta, Indonesia (2006-2011).
Parallel to her work at On the Move, Marie Le Sourd is a consultant for the network IN SITU on creation in public space and contributes to the English version of the Korean online magazine, The Apro.
Marie Le Sourd has experiences in international project management (conferences, meetings, workshops etc.), co-producing guides and reports related to cultural mobility issues (funding, visas, administrative matters) and in advising cultural organisations and artists on questions related to their international development. 

Élodie PELTIER – Project Manager

Élodie Peltier is a freelance programmer and producer of cross arts form events in UK and France. She was co-artistic director of the carte blanche British eccentricity in association with Cirque Jules Verne (Amiens, France) and Crying Out Loud (London) and as international relations coordinator for the cooperative De Rue et De Cirque -2r2c (Paris, France). She previously worked as a PR & audience development manager and project manager in France.

John Ellingsworth – Webmaster

John Ellingsworth is a writer and editor interested in the intersections of performance, journalism, and digital art. Working across print and online media, his experience includes jobs for the British Council and Swedish Institute, writing and advisory work on a documentary series for The Space (Arts Council England and the BBC's digital media flagship), and assignments for such European presses as Éditions l’Entretemps and Valiz. As an independent artist – supported by the Grants for the Arts programme and nine European sponsors – he's currently working on a two-year project recording conversations with artists around the themes of Presence, Society, Ageing and Death, and The Unknown.