Current Projects

FACE encourages the cultural field to develop formal and informal collaborations in order to answer immediate needs, but also to tackle new challenges related to the future development of their work – such as the use of digital technologies, innovative approaches to audience engagement, or the testing of new business and management models.

European Cooperation projects step by step (2019)

FACE facilitates workshops to help cultural agents develop cooperation projects. The sessions focus on several key steps that are important to taking a transversal approach to international work:

  • Sharing ideas, beliefs and 'food for thought' to establish meaningful partnerships and ensure players from different countries can define common ground to develop exciting projects together.
  • Defining and articulating communication objectives, target groups, tools, channels, media, impacts and a timeline when working on an international cultural project.
  • Understanding the guidelines and rules of EU budget making: from translating a project into facts/figures, to meeting reporting requirements, to overseeing and adjusting a budget – all the steps for smooth financial management.

These workshops help participants to avoid the pitfalls of international work, as well as to gather useful tips and advice through the showcasing of successful examples. Events are organised by key partners such as Creative Europe Desks in Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Sweden, etc. or the IRO-International Resource Office.

DAI-Dispositif d’Accompagnement sur l’Intenational (2018-2019)

FACE is currently contributing to the capacity building programme DAI, initiated by the European network On the Move (Brussels) and piloted by the French Ministry of Culture and Institut français with the aim of helping French performing arts companies, music ensembles, and visual artists work internationally. The experimental programme focuses on the introduction and identification of potential partners, networking opportunities, residences, and mobility programmes in Europe and internationally; the definition of possible fields of collaboration (especially at the European level); strategic planning and management in relation to the international dimension of the structures; and the reflection upon and articulation of a transversal approach towards export strategies, touring circuits, and international fairs.

News related to current projects is posted in Upcoming Activities.

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