Current Projects

FACE encourages the cultural field to develop formal and informal collaborations in order to answer immediate needs, but also to tackle new challenges related to the future development of their work – such as the use of digital technologies, innovative approaches to audience engagement, or the testing of new business and management models.

SHIFT-Shared Initiatives for Training (2019-2021)

FACE is part of the new Erasmus+ project SHIFT, with eight other European platforms. The project, coordinated by the European Music Council, starts in December 2019 and runs until December 2021.

In today’s rapidly changing world, it is a great challenge to create a path for sustainable societies working together to face global challenges such as climate change, gender equality or inclusion of minorities. Arts and culture have a recognised role in shaping societies and have the potential to significantly contribute to a better and more sustainable future for all, as demanded by the UN with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The project SHIFT aims to provide training and skills for cultural leaders, specifically those of cultural networks. Cultural leaders shall be enabled to implement changes where needed and to pass on their knowledge gained through the project to leaders and staff members of their network and to the broader cultural sector. The partners will produce online manuals and guidelines during these two next years on the following themes: Cultural leadership, Climate change, Gender and power relations, Inclusion.

The project is coordinated by EMC-European Music Council and gathers: ECA-EC-European Choral Association - Europa Cantat, ELIA-European League of Institutes of the Arts, EMCY-European Union of Music Competitions for Youth, FACE-Fresh Arts Coalition Europe, IETM - International network for contemporary performing arts, IMC-International Music Council
OTM-On the Move, TEH-Trans Europe Halles.

European Cooperation projects step by step (2019)

FACE facilitates workshops to help cultural agents develop cooperation projects. The sessions focus on several key steps that are important to taking a transversal approach to international work:

  • Sharing ideas, beliefs and 'food for thought' to establish meaningful partnerships and ensure players from different countries can define common ground to develop exciting projects together.
  • Defining and articulating communication objectives, target groups, tools, channels, media, impacts and a timeline when working on an international cultural project.
  • Understanding the guidelines and rules of EU budget making: from translating a project into facts/figures, to meeting reporting requirements, to overseeing and adjusting a budget – all the steps for smooth financial management.

These workshops help participants to avoid the pitfalls of international work, as well as to gather useful tips and advice through the showcasing of successful examples. Events are organised by key partners such as Creative Europe Desks in Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Sweden, etc. or IRO-International Resource Office.

Les Doms’ support scheme on international touring (2019)

As part of its missions to accompany performing arts companies based in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, the Belgium venue Les Doms (Avignon, France) has developed a support scheme to help companies tour their work internationally. FACE is member of the expert group providing guidance to artists, producers and tour bookers/agents in order to make the most of their experience at Avignon Festival Off 2019. Each production accesses guidance from different experts in order to maximise the impacts of showcasing work as well as prepare, make the most of and build upon the experience. The experimental support scheme takes place from March to September 2019.

News related to current projects are posted in Upcoming Activities.

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