FACE is a space for knowledge building, helping culture stakeholders grow their expertise by providing information on a variety of transversal or sectoral themes. Together with colleague organisations and platforms, it conducts research projects and publishes both guidance to transnationally project holders and in-depth studies based on desk research, surveys and interviews of artists and cultural managers, policymakers and funders as well as representatives of institutions and other stakeholders.

Learning Trajectories publications are intended as a resource to help live art workers to broaden their thinking, practises and networks beyond national borders.

The SHIFT Culture publications encompass guidelines, fact sheets, interviews, a knowledge base, and more to help cultural organisations to engage with Environmental Sustainability, Gender and Power Relations, and Inclusion.

The SHIFT Eco-Guidelines for Networks recognise and address the ecological footprint associated with operating international cultural network-organisations.

Legal seat: Onda – 13 bis, rue Henry Monnier – 75009 Paris – France