Capacity Building

Agency for Culture and Palaces, Copenhagen (Denmark)

The Creative Europe Desk Denmark asked FACE to lead a series of workshops to help cultural players develop cooperation projects. The first session focuses on establishing strong partnerships: from engaging with networks to finding like-minded organisations; from leading a consortium to implementing a joint work programme. This work session provides concrete insights to help cultural project holders prepare their Creative Europe application, and aims to foster a deep exchange that will provide the foundation for meaningful partnerships and ensure players from different countries define a common ground to develop exciting projects. During the work session, we will collectively go through the following issues:

  • Diversity of partner organisations: we'll discuss how innovative partnerships and diverse consortia can feed the content of the project itself, in particular looking at how similarities or commonalities of expertise help with the implemention of activities.
  • The definition of a partnership, including the terms of involvement for partners and the division of tasks between them; we'll talk about internal processes and aspects of implementation management.
  • Geographical scope, and working with organisations established both inside and outside the EU: we'll review the implications of collaborating with direct geographical neighbors as well as with organisations based in other geographical areas, including outside of Europe.

This session will help us to define what constitutes a strong partnership, identifying and avoiding pitfalls as well as gathering useful tips and advice. More information here.

Legal seat: Onda – 13 bis, rue Henry Monnier – 75009 Paris – France