Cultural Mobility Forum 2023

09/05/2023 - 10/05/2023
Tunis (Tunisia)

FACE will participate in the 2023 edition of On the Move's Cultural Mobility Forum that will unfold the conversation on cross-border artistic mobility and environmental sustainability, discussing the interdependencies between privileged (Western) Europe and other territories, investigating local practical sustainable solutions (e.g. on time, resources, well-being, local networks management) and listening to a variety of voices from the Global South.

The Forum aims to nourish a more nuanced approach, informed and context-based, allowing for different models to coexist instead of reinforcing imbalances and injustice. With this Forum taking place in the Mediterranean region, On the Move would like to put in perspective the ‘greening policies’ for distributing public and private funding at national, macro-regional, European and international levels, along with sectoral needs in relation to the ecological transition.

FACE director Yohann Floch will be facilitating the panel discussion on ‘Greening policies and support schemes’.

More information here.

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