Learning Trajectories: Multiplier Event

CIFA, Brussels (Belgium)

A second "multiplier event" promoting the outputs and outcomes of the Learning Trajectories project is organised in partnership with CIFAS on the occasion of the annual Producers' Academy in Brussels, supporting the professional development of producers/cultural entrepreneurs who lead or are in the process of developing innovative way(s) to support creation in an international context and/or with a trans-sectorial approach (decolonisation, feminism, fair practices, climate change, accessibility etc.).

The public presentation, led by partner On the Move, international information network dedicated to cultural and artistic mobility, is the opportunity to discuss mentoring programme design and formats from the one hand, and to present the new publications of the Learning Trajectories project that aims to investigate how to best design international professional development programmes for artists and  professionals working in the performing arts sector in Europe.

Context: Producers' Academy 2022

The Producers' Academy is a dedicated time to reflect, think, co-learn, encounter, and provoke the practice of the producer. With open minds and open hearts, integrity and fun, this 4-day workshop is willing to dig into the current urgencies and problematics of producing work as well as being a producer. With approaches sometimes experimental (have you heard of the fairy purse?) or deeply technical (art(ists) still need to cross borders), we would like to explore how to practice values of cooperation and collaboration, care and solidarity, empowerment and enjoyment, tackling the questions of (self)-care, fair practices, transnational practices, as well as the nitty gritty of producing performing arts, playing with budgets, and maybe reinventing one-self.

Venue: La Bellone
Time: 15.30-17.30
More information here.

Legal seat: Onda – 13 bis, rue Henry Monnier – 75009 Paris – France