2015 - 2016

FACE designed a co-spectatorship programme, FACE-to-face, to support venues and festivals experimenting with new ways to engage different communities: the organiser pairs an artist and a citizen, who then attend a performance together and exchange their views on the work seen. Several approaches were tested, ranging from open calls for participation to targeting specific groups (e.g. teachers from schools and universities, journalists, politicians, representatives of civil society, children, etc.). Each venue and festival makes sure the experience is understood by both participants, that they have enough time to meet before and after the performance, that they can access a quiet space for their discussion, and that they feedback on the experience. The conversation won’t be recorded or open to the public, as the goal is to bring together strangers for a shared experience of contemporary performing arts and to spark fresh debate around cross-disciplinary works. The feedback could make use of different tools (online questionnaires, videos, interviews over the phone, etc.) and was shared with colleagues from other venues and festivals. The project was trialed at La Grainerie (France), MiramirO (Belgium), across Catalonia thanks to APCC-Associació de Professionals de Circ de Catalunya (Spain), and by 2R2C-Coopérative de Rue et de Cirque (France).

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