Large-scale skills partnership for the Cultural and Creative Industries ecosystem (CCI LSP)

2022 - 2024

FACE joined in 2022 the Pact for Skills, the first of the flagship actions under the European Skills Agenda, and signed up to the Charter and its key principles: Promoting a culture of lifelong learning for all; Building strong skills partnerships; Monitoring skills supply/demand and anticipating skills needs; Working against discrimination and for gender equality and equal opportunities.

FACE endorsed the Creative Pact for Skills (C-P4S) that is focusing on the most urgent horizontal skills needs, relevant for the Cultural and Creative Industries ecosystem:

  • Skills and competences for the digital environment
  • Management, funding, business, and entrepreneurial skills
  • Skills to support and integrate the green transformation
  • Transversal and transformative skills that lead to cross-sectoral innovations
  • Technical skills, arts and crafts to preserve the cultural and creative heritage
  • Hands-on and ‘on the job’ skills solutions

In 2023, FACE will dedicate resources in the Working Group on skills for the green transformation to:

  • Collect and analyse existing contributions concerning the identification of skills for the green transformation in the cultural and creative industries (CCIs), as well as on relevant re-skilling and upskilling initiatives in this area.
  • Foster an initial discussion among Working Group members on the meaning of the green transformation, and on skills relevant to it.

banner with the logos of the pact for skills and of the large-scale skills partnership

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