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SHIFT Culture logo. Tagline: 'Shared Initiatives for Training'.SHIFT - Shared Initiatives For Training was a two-year cooperation project (December 2019-January 2022) of nine cultural networks and platforms coordinated by the European Music Council and co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European-Union. After many challenges including the ongoing pandemic, we have managed to conduct various researches and to produce guidelines, fact sheets, interviews, a knowledge base and so much more to help cultural organisations in strongly engaging with three of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Cultural Leadership

Icon of a lightbulb above the text 'cultural leadership'.This package comprises resources and tools from a wide spectrum of expertise and learnings, from SHIFT partners as well as from other cultural operators and research projects. It offers a handy toolkit for the reader looking for specific aspects of cultural leadership, or for more resources, tips or learnings by other cultural leaders.
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Environmental Sustainability

Icon of an open eye with Planet Earth as a pupil over the text 'environmental sustainability'.Achieving environmental sustainability is one of the biggest challenges of our century. Humankind needs to change the way it interacts with the environment to ensure that the living world can support the needs of future generations. Scientific facts underline the urgency of the situation. We believe joint commitment and action by leaders around the world are crucial elements in achieving a shift in all aspects of society.
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Gender and Power Relations

Icon of an fragmented equals sign over the text 'gender and power relations'.Through research and main observations, this SHIFT publication starts by nuancing some preconceptions about the status quo of Gender and Power Relations in the arts. Using a transnational, cross-border approach, the publication also puts forward recommendations and solution-oriented strategies for the arts sector in general – and European cultural networks in particular – for combating sexual harassment and power abuse, and creating equitable and safe environments in the arts.
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Icon of a person hovering over two open hands with the text 'Inclusion'.The SHIFT Inclusion Handbook is designed to support cultural networks and organisations of all kinds in navigating and engaging with the topic of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. It is conceived as a reference book rather than something to be read from start to finish – although there is nothing to stop you doing this! Nevertheless, many of the concepts used in the publication are laid out in the first chapter, so it is worth beginning there.
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Artsmetric Knowledge Base

Artsmetric logo.The partners of the SHIFT project have compiled some of the most current resources on cultural leadership, environmental sustainability, gender and power relations, and inclusion. More than 250 resources were gathered by SHIFT partners for the Artsmetric Knowledge Base, a digital platform developed by Trans Europe Halles.

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